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Dr. Robin Fields


Education & Background:

Graduate of Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine 1995.  After graduation, Dr. Fields initially resided & practiced in Houston at a small animal hospital.  In 1998, her family relocated to Denver, CO where she worked for several small animal hospitals in the area.  She has been happily practicing here at the Village Vet since relocating back to Texas in 2003 and we are very fortunate to have her here. 

Family and Pets:

Married to husband Rob for 26 years, with three teenagers who are in various stages of high school and college.  After having many dogs and cats in their early years, the adults are enjoying a pet-free hiatus until the kids are able to care for and maintain a progression of species, first the fish, now the bird, then eventually....


Passionate about veterinary internal medicine.  Obsessive about any number of things.  Loves beaching, germ killing, reading, wining (no "h") and dining, cooking (when not under duress) and worshiping at The Woodlands United Methodist Church.