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Dr. Will Grimley


Education & Background:

Undergraduate studies at TAMU.  Graduate of Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine 1983.  Before he and Dr. Moore founded the Village Vet in 2001, he practiced at a large and small animal hospital in North Houston for 17 years.  In November 1997, on a Christian veterinary mission, he spent 13 days in rural Guatemala working on large animals. 

Family and Pets:

Donna and Will have been married since 1984.  They have four children. Everett is a material scientist in Raleigh, NC. Lauren is a water engineer in Baton Rouge, LA. Julianne is working for AIG in Atlanta and Martin is a senior in college.  The Grimley family pets include Juliette, Standard Poodle, and PK, a new kitten. 


Dr. Grimley enjoys learning new methods and/or treatments in veterinary medicine and applying them to his patients.  His hobbies include reading, watching foreign crime series, repairing broken items and participating in many outdoor activities.  He is also very active with Boy Scouts of America.