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Dr. Mark Moore

Education & Background:

Born in Sherman, Texas.  Graduated from Sherman High School in 1976.  Undergraduate degree in Veterinary Science from Texas A&M. Graduated with a DVM from the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine in 1983.

Dr. Moore is an Eagle Scout and was the 1982 recipient of the College of Veterinary Medicine Caple Scholarship, awarded by the Junior class to the veterinary student whom they would choose as a veterinarian for their own pets.


Family and Pets:

Married since 1982, Mark and Leslie have three children: Katie, Andrew, and Grayson. They have one granddaughter, Ellie, who lives in Houston and with whom they are completely awestruck.  

 Currently empty nesters , Mark and Leslie are owned by three entitled canines: Winston, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel; Stella, a Standard Poodle; and Cash, a 13-pound wire-haired mix from a broken home.



In addition to household pets, Dr. Moore enjoys seeing small mammals ("pocket pets") and reptiles.  Other than a passion for veterinary medicine, Mark enjoys people, swimming, reading, laughing, eating, and napping (not necessarily in that order).  The Moore family has attended Grace Presbyterian Church in the Woodlands since 1996 where Mark serves as an Elder ("but not a very good one"), loves to teach Jr./Sr. High Youth and likes to teach adults.

Dr. Will Grimley

Education & Background:

Undergraduate studies at TAMU.  Graduate of Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine 1983.  Before he and Dr. Moore founded the Village Vet in 2001, he practiced at a large and small animal hospital in North Houston for 17 years.  In November 1997, on a Christian veterinary mission, he spent 13 days in rural Guatemala working on large animals. 


Family and Pets:

Donna and Will have been married since 1984.  They have four children. Everett is a material scientist in Raleigh, NC. Lauren is a water engineer in Baton Rouge, LA. Julianne is working for AIG in Atlanta and Martin is a senior in college.  The Grimley family pets include Juliette, Standard Poodle, and PK, a new kitten. 



Dr. Grimley enjoys learning new methods and/or treatments in veterinary medicine and applying them to his patients.  His hobbies include reading, watching foreign crime series, repairing broken items and participating in many outdoor activities.  He is also very active with Boy Scouts of America. 

Dr. Ruth Ainsworth

Education: BBA in Accounting from Lamar University in 1994 and Graduate of Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine in 2004.


Family and Pets: After six years of accounting practice in East Texas, (BBA, Lamar University) Dr. Ruth decided to pursue a career in veterinary medicine and subsequently joined the Village Vet.  She and husband, John, enjoy spending time outdoors with their dogs: Red, Thelma & Louise. Dr. Ruth has a major Basset Hound affinity.


Interests:  Veterinary passions include: internal medicine, ultrasonography, and emergency/critical care.  Outside the practice, she's a mean tennis player and loves gardening, reading, hiking, and camping.

Dr. Robin Fields

Education & Background: Graduate of Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine 1995.  After graduation, Dr. Fields initially resided & practiced in Houston at a small animal hospital.  In 1998, her family relocated to Denver, CO where she worked for several small animal hospitals in the area.  She has been happily practicing here at the Village Vet since relocating back to Texas in 2003 and we are very fortunate to have her here. 


Family and Pets: Married to husband Rob for 26 years, with three teenagers who are in various stages of high school and college.  After having many dogs and cats in their early years, the adults are enjoying (the kids are not) a pet-free hiatus until the kids are able to care for and maintain a progression of species, first the fish, now the bird, then eventually....


Interests:  Passionate about veterinary internal medicine.  Obsessive about any number of things.  Loves beaching, germ killing, reading, wining (no "h") and dining, cooking (when not under duress), and worshiping at The Woodlands United Methodist Church.